Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Nutritional Paradox of India


India is such a land of extreme paradoxes  with 40-50  'dollar billionaires' on the one hand and 260 million below poverty line people on the other. When we talk of nutrition, issue of malnutrition in country pops up first .Even growing awareness about benefit of health & fitness does not help the India. In India , more than 3 percent (viz. approx. 3 crore) of the Indian population is obese and many more are overweight.  Though , industrial policy of India was rolled out in year 1956. But, it really came out of box after liberalization of  1991. It improved economic situation of the country, increasing urbanization, nutrition transition to world palate, and reduced physical activity, the prevalence of obesity is showing a marked upward trend in adults as well as children. Let us not be startled at the fact that we and our children are probably the most sedentary generation of people in the history of India. India has given scope for two type of malnutrition: under nutrition & over nutrition.. In coming years, country shall face obesity as major challenge as there is increasing number of overweight & obese.The urban area is more prone to it. The reason is sedentary life style.UN has declared 21st june as International yoga day.Citizen must inculcate yoga in their daily routine. It shall help India to do away with increasing danger of health issue...

Note:SES works on malnutrition but looking obesity as serious challenge in coming years. 

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