Tuesday, 30 October 2012


When I was young & people  talk about NGO- A person with Kurta, Payjma & Chappal comes in mind.I never thought I'll come in this sector. After completion of my post graduation, I have joined some companies & enjoying the life. In between post graduation & job, I have prepared for civil services. Though, I flunked in given attempts. It has given lot of opportunity to learn about society & other rules, norms.Those years brought me closer to social sector. An interest has been developed in thos years for social work. My monotonous job  pushed me more towards social sector. I have shared my thought of joining organization but he was reluctant to my thought. it took me four years to convinced me. Now, it has been four years & I have learned & observed several thing about this sector. The issue pinch me every time- is sustainability of a NGO. I have seen some organization are funded by state agency or foreign funders. It is quite surprising to see organization working from last 10-20 years are not sustainable yet. Every times they bring projects for two to three years & after their completion they ran here & there again for funds.In my view, corporates can help NGO to grow not only in terms of money but through other resources.

- NGO are not able to place right person for right job. As helplessness, they have to hire a person who may have less experience/knowledge/skill.Corporate can help them to organise talent in social sector at different level.
- Most of NGOs are one man show. One organization is known by one of their leader rather than of organization. Corporate can help them to develop a structure & leader as well.

- developing skill. Corporate can train human resource on various skill.

But , Corporates should also understand that "Non Profit" is legal tag which prevents misuse of fund. They must understand that people working in NGOs are also human being & they have too run a family. Corporate support is future for NGOs if they (Corporates) they came out of their comfort zone that- they will only do social work near their plants or factory. India need balance regional development to suppress several crucial problem of country.         

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