Thursday, 13 December 2012

Social Media & NGO

We live in a world in which many good people and various organization are working.  Non-Governmental Organizations Is one of them. they are independent from the government. We Know perform several role from working for vulnerable community, bring citizen's crucial before the government & encourage community to particiapte & demand for their rights.In India, there are 3.3 million NGOs.In this crowded market, every NGO wants to be different & stand out of clutter. As they are tagged as "Non-profit", Morethan 90 % NGOs have limited resources. Like Companies, they can spent on marketing for their work or selling a product from a community based organization.

In Last 5 years, social media emerged as a tool where everyone wants that people hear their voice. Whether it is facebook, twitter , linkedin , you tube, blogger or word press et al . Actually Social Media(SM) is pretty low in costs. You just need a computer or smart phone with internet connection and you can spread your work orappeal for crticial causes online.It gives an opportunity where  NGO can converse with general public or audience. social Media is certainly growing but it is extremely importnat for A NGO to make & choose proper social media strategy.As A NGO has to do following things:

- Create a Facebook page for their organization. Use another or new id for facebook. The person who is enged or handling may leave organization & another person can take over.
- Do Not only mail or demand for donation but they must be convinced with story telling.
- Prefer Writing Blog rather than pasting link of other site, it will increase of that site not of yours.
- MAke Good use of pictures on your web page.
- Use Microsoft Essentials such as gallery or movie maker to give professional look to organization.
- Make powerful status quote & blog regularly to your social media.
- you can also use & sky drive too.

Social Media can play important role in reach of NGOs if they use it smartly.

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