Monday, 16 September 2013

Befooled or deliberately behaving like fool??

It has been five years in this sector, It was an eye opener. I have observed & learned about operating style of this sector. I would like to share few of my thoughts & what will one should choose to remain in sector.

 Earlier this was found that person who did not achieve or failed enters in this sector
(exception are always there). But  scenario has changed in last few years. People are employing business graduate . It is good sign  for this sector . But a sustainable revenue model is still ken for those who run these organization. One has three options for funding: Government, Foreign & Private Sector.

We know government has ample resources but rampant corruption is hampering the development process. New trend has been seen that you work, pay & I'll reimburse you. Those organization which have various funders, they do not want to touch government projects or you can say they have vision for those organization. But, those small organization who fight for survival, has no option. Some of them work, pay & reimbursement model. I have seenone  organization who work , paid around 15 lakh rupees but have not reimbursed after one year of project end date. Babuswill only pass your file to next table when you give then some bribe(Suvidha fees- convenience fess)   I'd like  to suggest those involved NGO to  if you can manage such kind of money , why can not your start your own work in those amount??? what is difference between you & a contractor?? you have started working on basis of passion for social issue, why would you pay for that project. Let them realize they are social servant, they have to do their work . It is not our work . I think somewhere NGOs lost their social esteem & started working as slave in  some historic dynasty.

As far as foreign funders, it is assumed that India is rich country & most of people have come out of poverty . Some of renowned agency is phasing out. Those who are remained, corruption is still there. Those working in these agencies come from same community. They love to pass projects once they get some dough(Exception is also there). They are those shameless person who once dreamt to make difference in society.

Earlier those agencies have made project acceptance complex with bizarre jargons. I think , all of those have different vision for their organization , not for this country  & their implementing partners has to follow their orders as they have to for survival.

While private partners  are in nascent stage & have their own agenda.  Most of them treat CSR as clandestine mission . They do not want others to reach them . Most of these professionals companies do not have web pages or address to reach them . They think CSR means either engage their employee in some community work or work near their plant. They must broaden CSR term. they have to establish separate office and let's start difficult & unreachable terrain of India. I have contacted some of corporates & they replied they are working in poorer region. I thought- Does my organization works in affluent area . Eastern Part of Uttar Pradesh is most backward region of Uttar Pradesh . One of agency have made their strategy as  they will work in telanagana , vidarbh, Mewar..I have mailed them , your strategy is either based on media reports or you have not traveled India except few parts.  Rather than implementing partners working on various issue. It would be great if companies adopt villages & focus on their over all development.

Most inevitable thing, NGO sector need to be organized . There are two different thing either you are befooled by someone or you like to remain a fool . If you are befooled once, let's change the situation. If you are befooled several times ,let's change the situation.  Learning from your mistake lead to you pinnacle . If you do not, you are near about nadir & no external factor is going to save you.


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